Are you interested in beekeeping?

Whether you are new to the world of beekeeping of have been long since ‘stung’ with the passion, we have a great range of beekeeping supplies.

Bee Supplies

We stock everything a beekeeper could possibly need!

Our products include hives, frames, foundations, beesuits, hive tools & smokers.

There is a good selection of books to choose from all about bees, beekeeping and general tips and advice.

From Late April early May we will have a 5-6 frame nuclei available, as well as 6 frame poly nuclei hives which are available empty or with bees.

If you want to learn more about beekeeping please contact us or pop in and have a chat.

The supplies you can purchase from us:

National Hive with Bees

National Hive to include floor, brood body, cover board and roof with bees and 2019 marked queen with a working stock of bees. Ready for collection the end of April onwards.

Available in commercial and Langstroth.

6 Frame Nucleus (available end of April)

BS frames 6 frame Nucleus on BS frames headed with a 2019 Queen ready for collection end of April.

2020 Queens ready end of June.

Nucleus Poly Hive with Bees

To purchase any of our products, please call or email us using our contact form.


To find out more about the Bee Centre come down or call 01208 863 718