Welcome to Porteath Bee Centre

Porteath Bee Centre is a fun and informative day out for all the family! We have an informative bee exhibition, gift shop and tea room serving traditional Cornish cream teas.

'Bee' fascinated by the wonderful world of bees!

You can observe bees going about their daily business in a safe sting free way!

Are you interested in beekeeping?

Whether you are new to the world of beekeeping of have been long since 'stung' with the passion, we have a great range of beekeeping supplies.

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The Bee Centre is currently closed, however we are still taking orders for nukes and hives.

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Thank you and we hope to beeeeee back in the shop soon to welcome you back

Porteath Bee Centre really started as a hobby. Heather started keeping bees in 1970 when a local beekeeper sadly passed away and his wife wanted to rehome the bees Heather being an accommodating person took them in and a home for the three hives were found.

In 1979 the hives of bees were on Eddie’s land in Porteath. Eddie became fascinated during those warm summer afternoons watching the bees buzzing back and forth bringing in the different pollen. However, there were the odd occasions when Eddie would get a little too inquisitive which often resulted in a sting to the nose!

Not discouraged by any nasal discomfort Eddie decided he wanted his own hives and the following year both Heather and Eddie started to increase their hives making nuclei and selling honey at the door.





Bee Supplies

In 1987 they started a little shop underneath Porteath farmhouse calling themselves Porteath Bee Supplies, selling a range of bee supply equipment and making their own polishes and candles.


Two years later the Porteath Bee Centre was built and the following year opened the Living Honey Bee Exhibition.

To find out more about the Bee Centre come down or call 01208 863 718